• 2017
    9 month
    Chengdu branch successfully won the bid for "the temporary district property service project of the chengdu research institute of xinhua trigroup";
  • 2015
    5 month
    Chengdu branch has successfully developed a subsidiary in chengdu, chengdu Great Wall development technology co., LTD.
  • 2016
    10 month
    Chengdu branch was successfully participated in the 11th China international aviation and astronautics exposition.
  • 10 month
    In recognition of our company's efforts and dedication in hosting and securing the G20 summit, the alibaba group has awarded us the "G20 safeguard special contribution" award.
  • 4 month
    The company has made a breakthrough in the competition from many domestic and foreign powers, and the company's headquarters (xixi campus) has integrated the total package service of the property project.
  • 2015
    12 month
    Chengdu branch zhongbiao company chengdu base phase ii centralized laboratory project;
  • 12 month
    Under the common witness of the tripartite group, nantong sanjian group and special property management, the signing ceremony of the mixed ownership reform and the capital and capital increase agreement was successfully held;
  • 11 month
    Chengdu branch is successfully awarded the "wan control technology (chengdu) co., LTD" project;
  • 2015年
    Huawei company held ceremoniously administrative service core suppliers conference in 2015, and idiopathic property in huawei's global administrative service provider beckoning, won the "2015 annual huawei tube business excellent supplier" award;
  • 2014
    Company named "2014 China realty service enterprises" and "2014 China realty service enterprises of growth need" list;
  • 2013
    3 month
    The chengdu branch of the electric aviation electronic industrial park project;
  • 2012
    Establishment of wuhan branch;
  • 2011
    2011 years
    The chengdu branch of special property is the chengdu base of huawei.
  • 2011
    2011 years
    Establishment of chengdu branch;
  • 2010
    2010 years
    Won the title of "shenzhen famous brand";
  • 2009
    2009 years
    "Property" won the national property management qualification;
  • 2008
    2008 years
    The establishment of langfang branch;
  • 2005
    8 month
    Setting up Shanghai branch;
  • 2 month
    Establishment of Beijing branch;
  • 2003
    2003 years
    Established hangzhou branch, which is also the first branch of "special property" outside the shenzhen area;
  • 2000
    12 month
    In cooperation with huawei for the first time, the property management agreement of the power facility project of huawei science and technology park was signed, which was the headquarters of huawei company. The signing of this agreement opened the curtain on the year of cooperation with huawei.
  • 10 month
    First win the property management right of hua rui mansion through tender.
  • 1993
    1993 years
    Shenzhen tfa property management co., LTD.