Idiopathic service
Take the city as the development center and grasp the forefront of China's economic development
  • Facilities management services

    High and low voltage distribution system The boiler system The nitrogen system Pure water system Air compressor system The air conditioning system Fire protection system Weak current system Small changes Spare parts anagement
  • The security service

    Daily safety management Fire safety management Safety drill Activities to ensure Move to ensure
  • Cleaning services

    Daily cleaning Xiaosha service Stone conservation Curtain wall cleaning Wood floor wax
  • Greening service

    Daily virescence conservation Plant rent pendulum Interior environment beautification design Greening design and construction
  • Data maintenance

    Daily operations management On-site 5S management Visual management
  • The service of the service

    Customer service hotline 7*24h service Reception service The house butler service Mail service Meeting and etiquette support
  • E-government services

    receptionist The lobby guide Business is dealt with
  • More service

    VIP business reception Activity planning, publicity planning Business hotel management Property service management consulting