Greening service
To adapt to the changes of the local conditions
Daily virescence conservation
1. Regularly visit the site and keep track of plant growth 
2. Water the fertilizing technique, and water and fertilize accurately according to plant specific requirement 
3. Trim and trim, and regularly trim to ensure the beautiful appearance of plants 4. Pest control, prevention and scientific management

Plant rent pendulum
1. Package transportation and one-to-one service 
2. Put on site to ensure the beauty and decoration of the whole environment 
3. Daily maintenance, cleaning, curing and replacement of plants regularly 
4. Quality supervision, product management personnel to follow up, meet the demand

Interior environment beautification design
1. Regularly continuously remove debris and keep the environment clean 
2. Garbage collection on the ground and surrounding environment strong management mode 
3. The public area is well greening decoration and detail treatment, guaranteed beautiful and generous 
4. Regular cleaning of the environment and pest elimination work

Greening design and construction
1. Field site investigation, recording and analysis 
2. Determine the overall landscape design planning of the project, determine the concept and positioning 
3. Professional team construction, scientific management mode
4. Qualified acceptance

Raise operating efficiency to release artificial