Chengdu property company to the owner to repair the attention.

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Chengdu property company to the owner to repair the attention.

Today chengdu property management company to give a talk about the staff room maintenance procedures and some matters needing attention. In fact, staff room maintenance is not only a test of employees' professional technical ability, but also a work task that reflects the basic quality of employees. Therefore, employees in the room must have a strong sense of service. They should regard the maintenance work as a process of displaying the company's image and reflecting their professional skills and service standards. The specific procedures and matters needing attention of chengdu property company are as follows:


1. The room must be approved by the owner of the room. In general, we should make an appointment, tell the content of the work in the room, and get the consent of the host. The employee must not enter the room without the consent of the customer (except in case of fire and other emergencies). If, for example, the customer's repair or the property company's routine maintenance, the customer should make an appointment with the customer for the specific time, and explain the operation process, the required time and related expenses. If prior agreement with the owner, if necessary before entering the room, use the access control system to obtain the consent of the owner.

2. When the employee arrives at the door of the room, he should gently knock on the door. When the owner opens the door, the employee should say, "Sir (madam, madam), how do you do? I'm a mechanic in the property engineering department. Did you report it?" If it is a routine maintenance, you should say, "Sir (madam, madam), how do you do? I'm a mechanic in the property engineering department. I need to repair (check, maintain) the equipment. May I come in? After the owner agrees to say: "thank you!"

3. When entering the owner or the tenant's room, staff should use disposable shoe covers in the, enter indoor pace for light, tool bag (box) back over his shoulder, as should be higher than the ground carry in his hand a certain distance, can't drag on the ground.

4. Go to work, will be clean and maintenance of special cloth shop on the ground to put toolbox, tools, and disassembly of parts, tools, and can not be removed parts directly on the ground.

5. The hands and feet should be light in the work, so as not to make noise as far as possible, when it is unavoidable, you should say hello to the host in advance and say "very sorry"; The intercom should be adjusted to the minimum volume so as not to cause noise to affect the owner.

6. Put away tools, you finish your work should be to show the master room for maintenance, inspection, maintenance), and told the matters needing attention of master the correct use of equipment, after the acceptance and please master, master is satisfied with (visa advice on engineering maintenance single; Master if you have any opinion, should face to make it clear, if can not explain, should answer: "sorry, your questions or comments I need to report to my supervisor, we will give you a satisfactory answer as soon as possible") before leaving. For example, if you only check, you should also tell your host that you are in good condition or have any problem.

7. All the scattered tools, parts and debris should be cleaned up before leaving, such as ground pollution, and should be responsible for cleaning.

8. Step out of the room, step softly, and carry the tool bag on your shoulder. The door should return to face the room owner say: "good - bye".

9. In the process of maintenance, if special circumstances (such as lack of tools, lack of personnel, etc.) are encountered, the room should be withdrawn from the room with intercom (or other means) to contact the relevant personnel; And inform the owner of the room to leave temporarily, please the host, the toolbox bag is not left in the home.

10. During the entire work period, no smoking, water, food and other items, and any items donated by the owner of the room, nor the personal telephone, tools, etc.

The above is the introduction of this article to the property company to the owner maintenance attention, hope to help you. If you have any other property service requirements or questions, welcome to consult us, will be dedicated to your service.

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