How can sichuan property companies serve to meet the needs of the owners?

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How can sichuan property companies serve the needs of the owners?

The former sichuan property company and everyone said that the property management must be the core of the service, with the owner as the heavy. So in order to establish the quality first service concept, we must have specific practice, the following sichuan property company shares with you.


1. Highlight the professional technical level and implement professional services.

American property management is relatively developed, and its professional service is a bright spot. In the United States, developers often do not manage their own property, but instead find a property management company to manage it. The property management company is generally only responsible for the overall management of the whole residential area. The specific service content is determined by the owner's committee after soliciting the owner's wishes. The property management company shall employ professional cleaning, security, equipment maintenance and other service companies. With the continuous development of the real estate industry in our country, the related professional services such as maintenance, security, cleaning, landscaping and other domestic companies sprang up, so as a realty management enterprise, hiring a professional company, the special subcontract service content, but not subcontract management responsibility, can more effectively improve the level of specific work of management services, as well as internal labor saving, optimizing the internal resources, strengthen the foreign appraisal work, simplified the working procedure, is advantageous to the realty management enterprise to put more resources into development corresponding special services, entrusted special services, to meet the owner's growing material and cultural needs, improve service, provide more quality services to the owner.

2. Implement diversified property service mode for owners' living needs.

From the actual situation, China's current residential district level is different, the owner's consumption level and property service demand are also different. According to the owner's actual demand and consumption ability, guide the owner to choose the property service project and service standard flexibly. For example, the owner of the property management company can offer catering and delivery service after working at home for a day. The owner wants to be able to work at home, the property management company can open a business center, typing, copying, scanning, printing business CARDS, selling tickets and other business. These basic services, requires considerable manpower and material resources, service the project doesn't make money sometimes, however, these services the project meets the requirements of the owner's life, improve the quality of the service, in their minds property management company as they helped, spend how many money, are willing to make the property management companies have achieved significant social benefits and good reputation, to ensure that the enterprise intangible asset value.

3. Accelerate the introduction of science and technology and improve the level of service modernization.

By using modern science and technology strength, to provide for the owners of the community a safe and comfortable living environment, the construction of the applicable "intelligent" village, have been many real estate developers and property management enterprises. Intelligent residential district is the use of computer, communication and network, automatic control, IC card technology, through effective transmission network, the multivariate information services and management, property management and security integration of intelligent system integration, realize automatic monitoring management of safe guard system, the housing fire, the noxious gas leak implements the automatic alarm, intelligent service, to provide safe, comfortable, convenient, energy saving and sustainable development of the living environment at the same time, facilitate unified management and control, and improve cost performance indicators as much as possible.

For intelligent requirements, property management companies can charge in daily management on the implementation of professional property management software, convenience of property management personnel for a large number of owners and billing data query and archive work; Plot a comprehensive electronic security monitoring, entrance guard system, visual intercom system, property management work more convenient and quick, owner's life more comfortable and safe, all in management, the application of science and technology will improve the level of property management services.

The above is the introduction of how the property company can meet the needs of the property company. I hope it can help you. If you have any other property service requirements or queries, welcome to consult us, will be dedicated to your service.

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