Overcoming the Scale

Gaining weight and seeing the number increase on the scale can be a terrifying thing for new-to-be moms, especially for those who’ve dedicated their lives to staying healthy and fit! Pregnancy is surely not the time to worry about putting on weight or bodily changes, because two things are certain:     

  1.  You will gain weight.      
  2. Your body will change.

It’s all part of this amazing concept of growing a human being!

However, regardless of the cause, it can be difficult to cope with all the changes happening! My husband would probably tell you I don’t have it even close to figured out and I’d have to agree with him. But, I have done a few things that have eased my mind and made this a more enjoyable journey for me and maybe it will work for you too!


  •  I continue to eat clean and healthy. My diet really hasn’t changed much during the pregnancy. My cravings have certainly increased and I do find it harder to avoid sugar but I’ve kept with the mentality that if I didn’t eat it before, I sure as heck don’t need it now! My body will gain enough weight on it’s own simply because I’ve lent it out to grow a human, I don’t need to add to the gain by falling off my wagon! Mentally, I feel better when I look at the scale going up and know it’s because a miracle is growing inside of me and not because I’m indulging on cake, ice cream and chocolate covered popcorn (okay, maybe the popcorn happened once!).
  •  Moderation is key. I had been talking about ice cream for weeks to my husband and finally last weekend he took me to get some. It was such a sweet gesture that I didn’t have the heart to tell him that my talk was just that… all talk. I wanted ice cream, but didn’t ACTUALLY want the ice cream (I know what you’re thinking- just keep in mind that I’m pregnant). So, I found myself with a very small scoop of ice cream topped with coconut and chocolate chips. I took several bites and left the rest for him.
  • Healthy alternatives. We eat in as much as possible and I’ve become pretty crafty in the kitchen. I can make a healthy version of almost any meal and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Whatever craving I have has been healthily covered! I even bake healthy “sweet” treats that get me through my moments of weakness! Chocolate zucchini muffins were a snack today and healthy eggplant parmesan is for dinner tonight!

Ultimately, do what’s good for you. These are merely suggestions if you’re the first time preggo struggling to accept these crazy changes!  Part of a healthy pregnancy for me is having a healthy mindset. I don’t care how much weight I gain as long as I know it’s for the health of Baby C and not because I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and failed to take care of myself a long the way!

No matter what, you’re beautiful. Tell yourself that every day! 

I started my pregnancy journey at 118lbs. I ended my first trimester right on schedule at 121-122lbs. When I looked at the scale, I smiled.