Running For Two

This journey has tested my patience greatly, but my past few runs have felt like real breakthroughs! 

The first trimester was filled with worry and confusion. Can I run? Is it safe? Am I harming my baby? How much is too much? I looked all over the internet for people with like questions and experiences and didn't find much. When I talked to my doctor about it, he was very laid back on the issue and stressed the importance of hydration more than really touched on the cans and can'ts of running. His words of guidance were, "run at a conversational pace and do whatever feels good. If it doesn't feel good, don't do it." I took his advice, although still skeptical being that he has never been a runner, obviously hasn't been pregnant and certainly hasn't been a pregnant runner! Ultimately every run until about 12 weeks I spent more time worrying that I was doing something wrong versus enjoying my favorite past time! 

But... the second trimester... amazing! I feel so much better and I've even convinced myself that the little babes loves it when I run and it rocks her... (or him ;)) to sleep. I've been able to run longer and faster and while I definitely don't carry the pace that I used to, I'm completely thrilled with my upper 8's to 9 minute paces! I have been feeling a lot better on runs and have become a better judge at what I can and cannot handle. I also have no shame, if I need to walk, I do! 

  • Set goals, but don't be afraid to stray from a course a bit (a five mile run turns into 4 miles running, 1 mile walking)
  • Do what's comfortable
  • Slow down and enjoy the run
  • Take water
  • Do a looped course where you can stop at home between miles if need be
  • Check with your doctor on your limitations- everyone is different