30 Day Cleanse

As the half way mark of my pregnancy has come and gone, I've found myself needing to hit the reset button. I've managed to eat healthy the majority of the time, but I find my healthy eating habits slipping as I give in to this or that. When I embarked on this journey I vowed to stay healthy and fit, to take care of myself and not use pregnancy cravings as an excuse to eat all the things I have avoided for so long! 

 Harper and I- 18 weeks!

Harper and I- 18 weeks!

Sugar is like a drug. Give in once, and you want more and more and more and more. At least for me anyways. Avoid it entirely, and the craving and extreme need for it eventually goes away. 

Also, before becoming pregnant I was diligent on avoiding dairy due to being lactose intolerant. Since pregnancy, I had started incorporating it more and more in order to consume as much calcium as possible. This left me feeling gross, bloated and unhealthy. Simply, dairy just doesn't agree with me. 

Processed wheat products are not something in which I indulge in on a real regular basis, but the occasional pizza was making it's way into my pregnancy cravings. I was becoming way more lenient in eating foods at dinner party's that I would have previously avoided, etc. 

So, after feeling gross, receiving a comment that I was getting "hips" (we'll save that for another post!), and feeling like I could do better, I decided to cleanse myself. 


  1. Cut out all processed sugars
  2. No dairy
  3. No processed wheat products/gluten containing products

For 30 days. Having an end in sight makes it easier to commit. I'm currently 6 days in and feel absolutely amazing, mentally and physically! Amazingly, my cravings aren't nearly as bad and it's been relatively easy to adjust to simply say "no" to sugars, dairy and gluten! This is my version of an elimination "diet", ideally, you should try eliminating certain foods that are barriers to you and your health. Sugar always being at the top of the list! 

I find that the healthier I am, the more I enjoy pregnancy. Although I'm counting down the days until I can have a glass of wine and my body back (and of course to meet my little girl!), I'm also learning that this is an amazing process. 

Side note! Harper is dancing away in Mommy's tummy- so surreal!