The Nursery Project

If you haven't already suspected or don't already know... I am a Pinterest Queen. Before I go grocery shopping, I pin everything I'm making for the week. I pin every geeky nutrition article imaginable. I use Pinterest to build and grow this blog (although, perhaps that board could use more attention or I could use more time ;)). So, upon discovering I was pregnant, I rushed to my computer, powered up and immediately searched "cute nursery ideas". To get an idea of where my inspirations came from, visit my Nursery Pinterest board! 

Two things were certain...

  1. My husband was about to become a VERY busy man. 
  2. I was about to burn a hole in every pocket of every pair of pants.

I had it all narrowed down based on the reveal of the sex... which was a super cute promptu party because I couldn't wait another day to pick which design I was going with (the nursery was waiting!!!). So, as Bambi announces below... 

Dun. Dun. Dun...

 I'm getting a baby sister! - Bambi

I'm getting a baby sister! - Bambi

All WHITE with fancy wood work and hints of GOLD in the decor. After hours and days of pinning, I put together a few ideas and got to shopping! Nothing was getting in my way.... except my never-frugal-except-when-it-comes-to-retail-shopping-husband (he owns a Liquidation Business). I wanted an over-the-top, elegant nursery and knew I could potentially get out of hand with excitement. So, before my adventure began, we put ourselves on a budget. 

I had a list of all the 'COMPLETELY NECESSARY' items I just absolutely needed for the perfect nursery. In retrospect, I probably would have paid every penny for each of the items below, but again, when you're husband owns a liquidation business and can easily get retail items at a fraction of the cost... it's hard to convince him to buy a $1,299 super stylish rocker. 

So, here are a few tips that helped me: 

  1. I was open to used items (a few select items obviously had to be new like the mattresses/changing pads/etc). I searched on Craigslist and Offer Up for several weeks/months and found identical to what I was looking for for a fraction of the price!
  2. Amazon is simply amazing! While I couldn't find exact matches, I found great deals on both my changing table and my rocker. (The rocker is nothing close to what I wanted, but it was cute and will do... but consider yourself warned... it's not all that comfy!)
  3. For decor, I headed straight to Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, Ross and Nordstrom Rack. They are trendy with great deals if you look hard enough. My main focus on the decor was gold. EVERYTHING GOLD. 
  4. I kept my eyes open at Nellis Auction and scored the perfect Shaggy Rug I was looking for! They also had other odds and ends that I picked up. Ultimately, our entire house was furnished by them.
  5. I'm not at all crafty, but there were a few projects I was willing to challenge myself with. My dream catcher turned out extremely cute... just don't get close enough to examine it in detail! ;)
  6. Put the significant other or a close man relative to work! Spencer did an INCREDIBLE job on the wainscoting, layered crown molding, base boards and paint. Funny enough, this was the most expensive part of the entire project but apparently that's totally acceptable when it "adds value to your home". -Spencer

The Transformation of the Room.....


What I got:

  • Pottery Barn Crib (on Offer Up for $100)
  • Monte Bassinet (we found on craigslist- $150)
  • White Changing Table off Amazon ($88)
  • White Danish Modern Rocker ($91)
  • Shaggy Rug (Nellis Auction- courtesy of the Hubs bizz)
  • Gold Moose Head (From Hobby Lobby)
  • Harper Arlynn Gold Frame (gift)
  • Dream Catcher (made by yours truly $10)
  • Woodwork on Walls labored with love by my husband (1,300+)
  • All other decor (HobbyLobby, Home Goods, Marshalls, Ross, Nordstrom Rack)

What I wanted:

  • Pottery Barn Crib ($599)
  • Monte Bassinet ($395)
  • Pottery Barn Changing Table ($599)
  • Pottery Barn Modern Wing Back Rocker ($1,299)
  • Shaggy Rug ($150)
  • Gold Deer Head ($45)
  • Gold Mirror ($100+)
  • Etsy Dream Catcher (30+)
  • Wood work on Walls + Labor ($3000+)
  • All other decor ($400+)


I could have easily put us out $6,617+ in order to achieve my dream nursery. Instead, we spent roughly $1978+ with the exact same outcome. And we hope all the fancy woodworking (make sure to compliment my husband... he LOVES compliments... like seriously.. leave a comment telling him what a GREAT job he did) will allow us to sell our house for $1,978 more than before ;)

The Big Reveal.......


If you've stumbled across my page because you are also on a mission to creating a fabulous nursery, the links below will take you to a few items that you've seen pictured in Little Harper's Nursery! 

This was truly such a fun project and the perfect excuse to make-over the only room we really hadn't touched in our entire home renovation. Making our house a home has taken us 3-4 years and a lot of patience... with each other and stretching our money without touching a credit card (we are die hard Dave Ramsey fans!). Today we can finally close the chapter to renovating our first ever home. Now it's time to enjoy the hard work... until we out grow it in a few years!