To The Stay At Home Mom

Stay At Home Mom,

This job is not for the faint of heart or easy. Every day is an accumulation of triumphs and hardships, happiness and loneliness, baby cries and sweet baby cuddles.

It is a job where you are questionably asked, "What did you do ALL day?" in a way that makes you feel inadequate. You try to answer, as if to justify yourself, but it's hard to explain that it took all day to feed, burp, change diapers, put the baby to sleep, run a brush through your hair and try to have the house look some what presentable by the time your husband walks through the door. 

It is a job with no breaks. Yes, the baby naps. No, you don't get to watch a million reruns of Grey's Anatomy in that hour-2 hour time slot. "Nap when the baby naps" is just funny. Yeah, if you want to get absolutely NOTHING at all done. Naps are for feeding yourself, taking a shower (if you're lucky), and throwing in a load of laundry. The Grey's Anatomy reruns come into play during your one hour nursing sessions where you have no choice but to sit in one position for as long as your baby needs. 

It is a job where you receive little to no credit. You don't bring in an income or get a raise for being great at what you do. No one looks up to you and your accomplishments. You aren't a source of inspiration. You're just a mom that gets to stay home all day, kick your feet up and relax while your husband does the real work. 

It's a job without sick days, vacation days, holidays or even nights off. You work around the clock. You're always on duty.   

It's the MOST IMPORTANT job there is. For you are responsible for shaping the future. A family cannot survive with out you. You are the glue that holds everything together. You are making the world a better place. You are teaching your kids right from wrong. You are providing the love they need to be responsible, respectable adults. You are feeding, nurturing and caring for your baby/child in a way that no other person can. 

Stay-at-home mom, you are LUCKY. You are BLESSED. Every day you have a choice and you choose THIS. Feel Adequate. Feel important. For all that you do, you're worth the salary you gave up. The days may seem long but the moments pass by fast and you are so lucky not to miss a single one. This is YOUR job. You are great at it.

Own your title and wear it with pride. You are doing amazing things.

A simple reminder to appreciate your life, feel accomplished between the cries and understand that staying at home with your baby is a job, or rather, a career, and you're so lucky it's yours. 

Disclaimer: Working mom's are amazing in a busy, juggling duties, dual job titles, never a second to spare, accomplished, sacrificing kind of way. No one underestimates the amount of work it takes to be a mom with a career. It is inspiring, beautiful and deserves every amount of accredidation it receives! This is simply a tribute to the mom's who stay home to raise their kids and often times are under valued because of the true gift that it is.